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-Catergories and Weight Class:

-Breaking and Freestyle

-Three Weight Classes:Light /Middle/Heavy


BREAKING: The art of a Bboy/Bgirl with the ingredients of but not limited to; Top Rocks, Take Downs, Footwork, Spins, Transitions, Dynamics, Battle techniques all executed with Style and Character traditionally to the break of a song of funk and Soul.

FREESTYLE: This category will be founded in Hip Hop music while making connections to a variety of genres, challenging you and introducing you with classics and then some. Bringing out the individual soul of each dancer without any boundries on doing any particular "style" or form, putting it all on the line and getting open only for the opportunity to get open again and again! Challenge yourself to explore what FREESTYLE means to you, what it has meant in the past, present and what it may feel like in the future.

*You ultimately decide!
*Once you choose a weight class you will remain in it until you earn your way to the top (3) or get dropped (bottom 3) to a lower weight!

(you will only drop weight class from your original class, once you move up you will not drop down)

Choose wisely! Don't let your EGO choose for you!

None or few competition experience.
Some experience but rarely or never make it past prelims.
Typically do not make it past first rounds.
1 Year or less of dance experience.

Ranked top 3 in Light Weight
Always make it past pre-lims
Usually make it past first rounds / top 16
1 to 3 years experience. (varies by individual!)

Ranked in top 3 of Middle weight
5 and more years of competition experience
Always top 8, usually top 4, have seen many finals and won some. Can hold their own against anyone at a WTW jam.


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