14.1 Worth The Weight 14.1

Peace and blessing everyone.

We are glad to back after a quick 2020 break as Covid interrupted our last series. Due to the nature, protocols and guidelines given by the state of Arizona we will be adjusting for this at WTW 14 coming up this February.

Friday! February 12th is the deadline for submissions!

  • ONLY the TOP 16 will be battling live on the day of the event at Trill Hip Hop shop.

  • Competitors will only be allowed to be there during there own weight class.

  • Mask and social distancing will be required.

  • All other competitors will submit an online "prelim" video round of 60 seconds or less.

  • Submissions will be posted on the IG: WTW602

  • online judges will choose TOP 16 to battle in person 


How to enter and submit for the battle.

1. Decide what weight class and category you want to enter.

2. Record a a battle clip showing why you should be in the top 16 (Top 8 if less than 16 sign up). 

3. upload your clip to your IG account and include the following #WTW14weight classCategory

4. HEAVY WEIGHTS!!!! Heres the Challenge! Your submission must be to music that is "non licensed" : meaning local, underground, homemade. This is an opportunity to collaborate with Deejays, producers, your own music. But to help this process we are creating a public google Music folder with music for you to choose from.

                                                                                                                                                                                               MUSIC FOLDER









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