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 WTW is the manifestation of a communities energy founded in Hip Hop culture. Inspired by Ricky "Rocany" Romo aka "StuntMan" (OSA,Style Elements, Furious Styles Crew). The idea of working hard, being patient, and ultimately the knowledge of self through dance and movement (Breaking, Popping, Locking, krump, House, Vogue, chicago footwork....) Although a strong believer in "Tuff Love" and the Equalizing of a Cypher, where you will earn Respect for yourself and those in the cypher. Joining forces with "Johnny Castro" WTW was born. The minute WTW1 (pst 2011)begun and the second it was over you knew this was something special, so many new faces, returning Dancers and the freedom to be you is Worth The Wait!
This is a dance competition creating a platform for competitors of all levels! Creating mentoring opportunities and experiences through dance, judging, hosting and deejaying. 


Battle Energy and Music will mature as night progresses.
The Sound System is serious! Ear plugs suggested for children and those with sensitive ears.




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